LSS Staff

Director, Karen Thompson

Mental Health Coordinator, Melissa Watkins

Reception/Information Assistant (AU Edmonton), Jordanna Chipiuk

Reception/Information (AU Calgary), Vacant

Access to Students with Disabilities

Coordinator, Carrie Anton

Learner Success Liaison, Eva Sale (On Leave)

Accommodation & Assessment Specialist, Lisa Boone

Accommodation & Support Services Advisor, Karen Wyrstiuk (On Leave)

Accommodation & Support Services Advisor, Catherine Butts

Exam & Support Administrator, Kirsha Dunk (On Leave)

Exam & Support Administrator, Mark Wanechko

Examinations Administrator, Annette Keith

Accessibility & Assistive Technology Administrator, Samantha Thorburn

Reception & Administrative Support, Micheal McNairn

Advising Services

Coordinator, Serita Smith

Senior Academic Advisor, Amanda Boon (On Leave)

Senior Academic Advisor, Nandeep Dhasi

Senior Academic Advisor, Lucien Lahey

Senior Academic Advisor, Lorraine Prafke

Senior Academic Advisor, Amber Mindus

Senior Academic Advisor, Mark Strocher

Senior Academic Advisor, Vacant

Senior Academic Advisor, Brian Yez

Junior Academic Advisor, Bonnie Nahornick (On Leave)

Counselling Services

Counselling Services Coordinator, Rhonda Guay

Counselling Services Assistant, Monica Wolanuk

Counsellor, Connie Covey

Counsellor, Antonika (Nikki) Pawlitschek (On Leave)

Examination Services

Coordinator, Exam Services & Operations, Degan Richards

Examinations Administrator, Chris Cheng

Examinations Administrator, Sarah Emery

Examinations Administrator, Keana Fernandes (On Leave)

Examinations Administrator, Aretha Smith

Examinations Administrator, Graham Stewart

Examinations Administrator, James Walker